Chainsaw Princess of Karate is Back!

Chainsaw Princess of Karate is back for its 3rd year! Our passionfruit & dragon fruit sour collaboration with Odd13 Brewing in Lafayette, CO is pink goodness that will feel like a swift karate kick to your taste buds.

It’s a kettle sour brewed with our Saison house yeast, which gives the beer a heavy dose of clove and banana taste and aroma. Dragon fruit & passion fruit give this sour its color, and a sweet & little sour, fruity finish. The beer clocks in at 6.0% ABV and 3 IBU.

The beer will be available on draft & in 12 oz, 6-pack cans starting on Thursday, October 5thTo kick off the fundraising effort during GABF, we will be having a keep the pint night that same night. One pint glass, per person (while supplies last) when you order a 16 oz pour of Chainsaw.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, a $1 from every Chainsaw pint and 6-pack purchased will go to support Sense of Security in Denver, CO.

Limited edition Chainsaw Princess of Karate branded growlers will also be sold at the brewery during the month of October. A portion of these sales will also benefit Sense of Security.

This organization seeks to provide a sense of security from financial hardship and to enhance the quality of life for Colorado breast cancer patients currently in treatment. A donation bucket will also be behind the bar for those looking to make a cash donation. #SaveTheBoobs

Halloween Haunted Tasting

To make our Halloween Party even sweeter, we will be offering a candy and beer pairing flight on October 28th! $16 gets you 3, 5 oz tasters of beer paired with 3 different candies. Tickets do NOT include gratuity.
Please print out your ticket confirmation to show the bartender for your flight on October 28th.

Pairings are…

Candy Corn Ale with Caramel Pecan Turtle truffle 

Oi! Burton Ale with Chocolate Caramel Fleur De Sel truffle 

Poblano Stout with Brandied Cherry truffle 

We Are Open & We Are Brewing Beer!

It’s been a bumpy road, a questionable road at times, as we transitioned from Broomfield To Brighton. It took a lot of patience between Nathaniel and myself to get Big Choice up and running again. We had help from awesome family, awesome friends and some great (yes I use the word great here) contractors, and we can’t forget the City of Brighton.

Now our doors have been open for about 2 ½ weeks and it still feels like a whirlwind. The community has been great. We have seen some of our compadres from Broomfield continue to show their support and we couldn’t be happier. We have been going through beer like crazy and were getting to the point where we weren’t sure we would have enough to last us until we got up and brewing again. BUT, Nathaniel is a miracle worker. He sets his mind to something and defeats odds all the time. I am so proud of that man and what he has accomplished in not only the time we have been married, but in the time Big Choice has been open, almost 6 years.

Last Saturday we brewed our first batch in the Temple of Boom and everything went well. At this point we have now brewed 4 beers in the new space. We started with our Headliners (our main beers) and are looking forward getting into our seasonals with our Chainsaw Princess of Karate coming back – a Passion Fruit/Dragon Fruit Sour), our Chill Out Peppermint Stout making an appearance in late November, and so much more…the possibilities are endless.

We look forward to what the future holds and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Cheers and thank you,

Andrea Miller

“You’re Moving? And it’s not in Broomfield?”

We hear it a lot in our tasting room and we do our best to make sure everyone knows that yes, we are moving locations, and no it is not in Broomfield.  We are moving to Brighton, CO in an awesome Buddhist Temple built in 1940, right off of HWY 7 and HWY 85.  It is only about a 25 minute drive from our current location.

Since September of 2014 we had been working on moving locations.  We thought we had found what we had hoped to be a new space just up the street from the current location.  After 2 years of trying to come to some sort of an agreement with the developers/owners of the property, in December of 2016 Nathaniel and I had to make a hard decision, but one that would keep the business going; we chose to back out of the deal.

As the first of January 2017 approached, our current space was being sold and we new we had to make a quick decision.  We knew we couldn’t leave anything off of the table at that point.  We looked on the western slope, we looked inside and outside of Broomfield, but nothing was really ready for us to move into.  At our fist meeting with our realtor, after we told him that we are not leaving any stone un-turned, he showed us pictures of a property in Brighton.  We drove out there that day and WOW, what a great space!  The owner had redone the outside of this beautiful, historical temple, adding two patios, 4 garage doors, and more.  The location of this building is highly visible and in an up and coming community.  What can we say – It’s awesome!

Nathaniel and I struggled to pull the trigger on Brighton.  We love our Broomfield Community and didn’t want to disappoint anyone.  Ultimately it came down to doing what is best for the business.  It was either close or move.  We definitely weren’t ready to close and we could not stay in our current location – first, it was being sold; second, we were too much off the beaten path and did not have any of the amenities that so many breweries now offer.  We had to move.  The temple came to us at the right time and it would be foolish to pass it up.  It is definitely the best move for Big Choice.

Once the temple is up and running, we hope to open a second Big Choice and believe you me, Broomfield is on the top of the list.

So there you have it – Yes, we are moving and are so excited for you all to experience what we did when we first saw this building and this community.  Everyone we have met in Brighton are so welcoming and we can’t wait to create an awesome beer relationship with them.

We hope to be open mid to late summer so be on the lookout for future updates and our Grand Re-Opening!


Nathaniel and Andrea


Fifth Anniversary/Cinco De Mayo Beer Release Party

Come by and indulge yourself in Mexican delights. We’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo party/Fifth Annniversary party. Big Choice opened in the summer of 2012 and since it’s our Cinco anniversary we’re combining it with some Cinco de Mayo inspired beer releases.

We will be releasing two beers this night: a Tequila Barrel-Aged Gose- this is our traditional Gose aged in a tequila barrel since last summer. And will also being releasing a Horchata-inspired Oatmeal Stout- think vanilla, cinnamon, and sweet stoutiness. These beers are taproom only and limited quantities so get here early to celebrate.

We’ll also have a Taco Bar potluck- we’ll supply the meat stuffs and tacos shells, you bring your favorite taco fixin’s.

We will also be having a farewell party in Broomfield before we move out to Brighton this summer so be sure to look for that if you can’t make it to our Fifth Anniversary!

Beer Name ‘Gose’ Here Contest

Last year we canned our Gose- a lime and salt infused sour to much success in the beer market. Summertime, or at least summer weather (where’s all that snow again?) elicits feelings of crispness and sunshine, something our Gose lends itself to. To celebrate the re-release of our Gose in mid-May we are kicking off a Beer Name ‘Gose” Here contest.

For five weeks we will release a limited Gose beer with different flavors. Beer drinkers can grab a punch card, try all five beers, and get a sixth pint free. The best part about this is we want YOU to name the best of the Gose beers. Customers can submit the name for each week’s style; at the end of the five weeks, the Goses will be ranked, and a name for the top ranking style will be picked via social media. We’ll brew up a special batch of this beer, can it for an exclusive taproom release, and the individual whose beer name was choosen for the Gose will have their name printed on the label and will get two free six packs of the newly minted Gose. This will all lead up to the Mid-May release of our traditional Lime Gose.

The Beer Name Gose Here contest will kick off every Friday, starting April 21st with a Pineapple Gose.

The following week’s styles are as follows: April 28th, Prickly Pear Gose; May 5th, Basil Mandarin Gose; May 12th. Tart Apple Gose, and May 19th, Pomegranate Gose

If you love that salty lime flavor, head to Big Choice and get your Gose on!

Demolition Inside Future Brewery Underway



Update 4.21: Andrea decided to forgo her CrossFit classes and instead jack-hammered her way through the remaining concrete where the smaller tanks are going to go.

Update 4.18: We finished ripping up all the old flooring downstairs in the future brewhouse space, are ready to level it, and bring in the concrete! We’re keeping the majority of the old flooring upstairs, with a bit of finish, to preserve the history of the temple in our future taproom space.


We’re very stoked to get our construction permits approved, which means we can now start the renovations and build-out of the new brewery space.

Yesterday, Nathaniel and Andrea started demoing the basement wall (don’t worry, it wasn’t holding anything up) that will allow us to move our new tanks into the brewhouse. They also spent four hours pulling up the old wooden floor planks in the basement to make way for a new concrete floor.

After this is done we’ll be able to get the plumbers in there to work on the drainage for the brewhouse, and then move on to building out the bathrooms upstairs, and the awesome new bar-tops that will have three times the seating as we do now, in addition to farmhouse style tables around the bar, and high-tops to enjoy that awesome mountain view.


B.A.B.B.’s Women In Craft Beer Rewind

Yesterday we held the first B.A.B.B.’s (Badass Brewing Bitches) Women In Beer Talk Series featuring Andrea Miller, Ashleigh Carter, Laura Pilato, and Dev Adams. The night was filled with laughter, anecdotes, experiences, but most of all, passion.

Passion was in the air as each woman described the first beer that was their gateway into craft homebrewing, how they convey the excitement about all things craft beer and nerd out when talking  to other women in the taproom, and what they see in the future to generate more awareness for the 25% of women in the craft beer industry.

The biggest takeaway from the first panel in the series was that all of the women agreed wholeheartedly that they want to be seen as craft brewers, beer educators, or brewery owners; not as the only woman to do this, or the owner’s wife, or anything in between. While their gender does require them to speak a little louder at times, or direct attention to their successes by way of advocates, they simply want to be recognized for brewing awesome beer and busting their asses at the hard work they put in to give you that cold pint of passion.

A big thank you to all the panelists and everyone who came out. Stay tuned for our next panel coming up in April.


Bad-ass Brewing Bitches (B.A.B.B.)’s Women Beer Talk Series Event

Big Choice is kicking off the B.A.B.B.’s Women Beer Talk Series with an evening of discussion with four phenomenal women in the brewing industry.

Our beer talk series is meant to create a positive dialogue about the experiences of the growing number of women working in the craft beer community, as owners, brewers, educators, drinkers and general bada$$e$.

The talk is FREE and open to anyone, and as an attendee you get happy hour pricing ($1 off all pints). There will be four panelists and a brewery tour after the talk for those interested.

Andrea Miller, Owner/Events Big Choice Brewing
Ashleigh Carter, Owner/Brewer Bierstadt Lagerhaus
Laura Pilato, Brewer, Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
Dev Adams, Advanced Cicerone, Beer Educator


Facebook invite info here:

Brown Bag Series #2: Chinook Hop Bob-Omb

Continuing the experimental Brown Bag series on March 25th we will be releasing the second beer in our Brown Bag Series: Chinook Bob-Omb IPA. We will also be giving away Chinook Rhizomes with six pack purchases (limited supplies) courtesy of Quirky Homebrew so you can grow your very own hops.

This style is what we are calling a Colorado IPA. Colorado is known for its C-hops: Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus hops. We wanted to make a delicious, more flavorful IPA, less bitter than juicy NE IPAs, but with the standard hops, as opposed to the “sexy” hops like Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra. With the Chinook hop we are proving you don’t have to use sexy hops to create a juicy IPA by varying the timing of the addition of the hops in the brewing process. Instead of using them for bittering, we are using them during the flameout, fermentation, and dry hopping points, with an emphasis on balancing and highlighting the aroma and juicy flavors.

Why the bob-omb? Hop bombs refer to a massive amount of bitterness in the beer, with less of an emphasis on the citrusy aroma and flavor of the hops in the beer. Drawing on the old school video game Bob-omb character, the Chinook Bob-omb, is a juicy, rather than bitter, hop bomb explosion in your mouth.

The Brown Bag Series is a play on the brown paper bag people use to conceal drinking alcohol in public places; the only consistency is seeing the brown bag, none the wiser to what beer is hidden inside.

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