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Brewed in Broomfield, CO

We have several Headliners, or core beers, that we keep on tap all year round. Our Guest Performers are seasonal brews that are only available during certain times of the year- these beers are ‘In Rehab’ when they are off-tap, but may still be available in your local liquor stores and on tap around Colorado. Touring Bands are our collaborations with other breweries, and Roadies are cans available to purchase in the taproom. Click on each beer for more information and availability.

Check out our beer locator map to find Big Choice on tap near you when you can’t make it to the taproom. Cheers!

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Chinook Hop Bob-Omb

ABV 7% IBU 90

Colorado IPA

Cherry Cobbler Sour

ABV 5.2%

Cherry Cobbler Sour Brown

Type 3 IPA

ABV 6.3% IBU 48.2

American IPA

#42 Poblano Stout

ABV 5.7% IBU 13.9

Oatmeal Stout

21st Cent. Digital Brown

ABV 4.8% IBU 27

Brown Ale

Disconnected Red

ABV 6.2% IBU 68

Amber Ale

Pinhead Pilsner

ABV 5.0% IBU 28.1

Bohemian Pilsner

Type 2 IPA

ABV 6% IBU 106

Luicy-juicy IPA

Mango Wheat

ABV 4.2% IBU 25

American Wheat

Apr├ęShred Winter Ale

ABV 8.1% IBU 17.2

Winter Ale


ABV 4.1% IBU 9.1

Lime Gose

Oi Burton Ale

ABV 7.1% IBU 146

Burton Ale

10,000 Summers Saison

ABV 5.1% IBU 21.4

Belgian Farmhouse Ale


ABV 5.5% IBU 23.6

German Lager

Starry Night Black IPA

ABV 7.3% IBU 68.5

Black IPA/Cascadian Dark

Chainsaw Princess Of Karate

ABV 6% IBU 3

Passion Fruit Sour

Obeah Russian Imperial Stout

ABV 10%

Russian Imperial Stout Aged In Rum Barrels with Jerk Spices

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