ABV 7% IBU 90

A Colorado IPA. Colorado is known for its C-hops: Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus hops. We wanted to make a delicious, more flavorful IPA, less bitter than juicy NE IPAs, but with the standard hops, as opposed to the “sexy” hops like Mosaic, Galaxy, and Citra. With the Chinook hop we are proving you don’t have to use sexy hops to create a juice IPA by varying the timing of the addition of the hops in the brewing process.

Instead of using them for bittering, we are using them during the flameout, fermentation, and dry hopping points during the brewing process, which an emphasis on balancing and highlighting the aroma and juicy flavors.

Why the bob-omb? Hop bombs refer to a massive amount of bitterness in the beer, with less of an emphasis on the citrusy aroma and flavor of the hops in the beer. Drawing on the old school video game Bob-omb character, the Chinook Bob-omb, is a juicy, rather than bitter, hop bomb explosion in your mouth.

The Brown Bag Series is a play on the brown paper bag people use to conceal drinking alcohol in public places; the only consistency is seeing the brown bag, none the wiser to what beer is hidden inside.

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