Cherry Cobbler Sour Brown – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

ABV 5.2%

Limited run beer series, no longer available in taproom. May find some in local liquor stores.

This beer is a Cherry Cobbler Sour Brown, a take on the American Sour Brown ale, infused with tart pie cherries, lemon peel, and vanilla. Influenced by owner and brewmaster, Nathaniel Millers’ mother, Barb Miller, the beer is reminiscent of a cherry cobbler that was a staple in Millers’ childhood.

The Brown Bag Series is a play on the brown paper bag people use to conceal drinking alcohol in public places; the only consistency is seeing the brown bag, none the wiser to what beer is hidden inside. Each 7-barrel batch of the series will produce roughly 40-80 cases that will be distributed across Colorado and for sale in the tasting room.

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