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Photo: Dustin Hall, Brewtography Project

From Home-Brew to Brewhouse

Growing up in Boulder, Nathaniel Miller and his family brewed everything from mead to wine to beer.  Initially earning a degree in economics at CU-Boulder, because “hey, who doesn’t need a degree in economics?” and later marrying  his lovely wife, who gave him two awesome kids, Miller’s parents asked if he might be interested in home brewing beer and splitting the batches with them.

Intrigued by the idea of having an unlimited supply of beer at his fingertips, he earned his “beer degree” by way of $3 in late fees at the Stanley Lake Library.  Nathaniel has a great knack for easily absorbing information and retaining it like nobody’s business; which explains the constant spewing of random facts that no one else seemingly knows.  Shortly thereafter, he started home brewing with extract, but soon turned to all grain batches.  His own home-brew setup was built using SolidWorks, and using 3d modeled sheet metal from his parents precision sheet metal shop in Longmont.  What started as brewing batches once or twice a month, grew to one or twice a week.

In 2008, around the time Upslope was breaking ground, and there were less than half of the number of breweries that exist today, Miller approached his close childhood friend, Tyler Ruse, with the idea of opening up their own brewery.  A few years later, in 2012, a building was found in Broomfield, CO, and it is there that he made his dream come true…brew the beer he likes to drink, while listening to the music he likes to listen to.

OWNER, COMMUNITY & EVENTS MANAGER (not just the brewer's wife)

Photo: Dustin Hall, Brewtography Project

Meeting Nathaniel at the Walrus, their old stomping grounds in Boulder, Andrea was first introduced to craft beer by way of New Belgium’s Fat Tire. She soon found herself delving into the world of IPA’s, brown ales, and the occasional stout. Not clamoring to climb the beer snob ranks, Andrea knew and drank what she loved-craft beer! She prides herself on valuing the passion the industry has for its people, and the great beer cultivated by the craft beer community.

Dragged into the brewery venture by her husband, Nathaniel, Andrea fell in love with the customers, the business, but more importantly, the community. After that she threw all her hops in the tank and became an owner, not just the owners wife!

“Nathaniel and I put our heart and soul into our community and the beer we craft every day, 24/7. Our family of two kids, 8 and 11 years old, and two Bernese Mountain Dogs keep us happy, healthy, and ready for more!”

The Band Members


If I were a craft beer, what would I be…”I would be a Flemish Sour, dark red in color, sweet at first, with a sour bite on the end!!!”


If I could be a style of beer, I would be a Belgian Saison because they are suitable for a wide range of occasions. Session-able while being outdoors, or strong enough to be a great nightcap. The spicy, and fruity notes often found in saisons allow the style to be quite complex.


If I were a craft beer, I would be a Belgian Tripel: complex, a little spicy at times, a higher alcohol content, and I look damn good in a tulip glass.

Julie website

Julie grew up near Scranton, PA and graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising. She is currently the Marketing & Event Coordinator for Big Choice Brewing and previously has worked marketing roles for Boulder Beer (Boulder, CO) and Origlio Beverage (Philadelphia, PA). Julie fell in love with the craft beer industry and process of fermentation almost four years ago and became a Certified Cicerone in the summer of 2015. She has been been working in the digital advertising + marketing side for food and beverage brands for over five years. She has a passion for growing brand awareness, learning about the science behind beer and the production side of the industry.


If I were a craft beer, I would be either a coffee porter or a raspberry sour. I love dark rainy days just sipping my coffee and I’m also a fiery red head! 

Vanessa Kelley

If I were a beer, I’d be a farmhouse ale. You get a big variety of taste, so you never know what you’re going to get but it’s always satisfying.

The Taproom

Taproom Environment

Big Choice Brewing has a 5,300 square foot tap room, two outdoor patios and a twenty-tap draft system. The taproom has a digital jukebox and classic arcade games like pinball and Pacman. Hailing from the late 80’s-90’s punk and skate scene, we love to play old school punk rock and ska music.

We are a family friendly brewery in downtown Brighton.

Come inside, let us pour you a beer, and tell you some stories about what inspires us to inspire you.

ST. FUADIT: Big Choice's Patron Saint of Beer

St. Fuadit is Big Choice’s patron saint of beer, watching over our brewhouse to ensure the fermentation of our beer is the best it can be.

St. Fuadit knows you love to talk about craft beer, and are always looking for new ways to articulate those fine notes of deliciousness in the most elegant way, but he believes that there is a time and place for critique. When he is watching over you in our taproom he wants you to sit down, strike up a conversation with our friendly staff, regulars, and locals, and simply Shut The Fuck Up And Drink It!

Enjoy living in or visiting Colorado- the state of Craft Beer; but also get to know us, and get to know each other over a pint of Big Choice beer! Cheers!



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