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“You’re Moving? And it’s not in Broomfield?”

We hear it a lot in our tasting room and we do our best to make sure everyone knows that yes, we are moving locations, and no it is not in Broomfield.  We are moving to Brighton, CO in an awesome Buddhist Temple built in 1940, right off of HWY 7 and HWY 85.  It is only about a 25 minute drive from our current location.

Since September of 2014 we had been working on moving locations.  We thought we had found what we had hoped to be a new space just up the street from the current location.  After 2 years of trying to come to some sort of an agreement with the developers/owners of the property, in December of 2016 Nathaniel and I had to make a hard decision, but one that would keep the business going; we chose to back out of the deal.

As the first of January 2017 approached, our current space was being sold and we new we had to make a quick decision.  We knew we couldn’t leave anything off of the table at that point.  We looked on the western slope, we looked inside and outside of Broomfield, but nothing was really ready for us to move into.  At our fist meeting with our realtor, after we told him that we are not leaving any stone un-turned, he showed us pictures of a property in Brighton.  We drove out there that day and WOW, what a great space!  The owner had redone the outside of this beautiful, historical temple, adding two patios, 4 garage doors, and more.  The location of this building is highly visible and in an up and coming community.  What can we say – It’s awesome!

Nathaniel and I struggled to pull the trigger on Brighton.  We love our Broomfield Community and didn’t want to disappoint anyone.  Ultimately it came down to doing what is best for the business.  It was either close or move.  We definitely weren’t ready to close and we could not stay in our current location – first, it was being sold; second, we were too much off the beaten path and did not have any of the amenities that so many breweries now offer.  We had to move.  The temple came to us at the right time and it would be foolish to pass it up.  It is definitely the best move for Big Choice.

Once the temple is up and running, we hope to open a second Big Choice and believe you me, Broomfield is on the top of the list.

So there you have it – Yes, we are moving and are so excited for you all to experience what we did when we first saw this building and this community.  Everyone we have met in Brighton are so welcoming and we can’t wait to create an awesome beer relationship with them.

We hope to be open mid to late summer so be on the lookout for future updates and our Grand Re-Opening!


Nathaniel and Andrea


4 comments on “You’re Moving? And it’s not in Broomfield?”

  1. Cari says:

    I love that you put such an open an honest post on your page. I saw one of the videos of your new building and can certainly understand why you love it! It was awesome having you in Broomfield, you opened up the craft beer scene in our little town. Best of luck to you in your new space. Maybe we’ll see you at Broomfield Days?

    1. Marketing says:

      Cari – thank you for your kind words! We are planning on being at Broomfield Days and are so glad the Chamber has asked us to be a part of it again this year! See you soon!

  2. Matt G says:

    I’ll miss not having this incredible brewery so close to me. Guess I’ll have a reason to go out to Brighton! Congratulations for the growth and cheers to your continued success.

    1. Marketing says:

      Understandable Matt! Thank you for the well wishes and we look forward to seeing you in Brighton!

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