Month: April 2017

Fifth Anniversary/Cinco De Mayo Beer Release Party

Come by and indulge yourself in Mexican delights. We’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo party/Fifth Annniversary party. Big Choice opened in the summer of 2012 and since it’s our Cinco anniversary we’re combining it with some Cinco de Mayo inspired beer releases.

We will be releasing two beers this night: a Tequila Barrel-Aged Gose- this is our traditional Gose aged in a tequila barrel since last summer. And will also being releasing a Horchata-inspired Oatmeal Stout- think vanilla, cinnamon, and sweet stoutiness. These beers are taproom only and limited quantities so get here early to celebrate.

We’ll also have a Taco Bar potluck- we’ll supply the meat stuffs and tacos shells, you bring your favorite taco fixin’s.

We will also be having a farewell party in Broomfield before we move out to Brighton this summer so be sure to look for that if you can’t make it to our Fifth Anniversary!

Beer Name ‘Gose’ Here Contest

Last year we canned our Gose- a lime and salt infused sour to much success in the beer market. Summertime, or at least summer weather (where’s all that snow again?) elicits feelings of crispness and sunshine, something our Gose lends itself to. To celebrate the re-release of our Gose in mid-May we are kicking off a Beer Name ‘Gose” Here contest.

For five weeks we will release a limited Gose beer with different flavors. Beer drinkers can grab a punch card, try all five beers, and get a sixth pint free. The best part about this is we want YOU to name the best of the Gose beers. Customers can submit the name for each week’s style; at the end of the five weeks, the Goses will be ranked, and a name for the top ranking style will be picked via social media. We’ll brew up a special batch of this beer, can it for an exclusive taproom release, and the individual whose beer name was choosen for the Gose will have their name printed on the label and will get two free six packs of the newly minted Gose. This will all lead up to the Mid-May release of our traditional Lime Gose.

The Beer Name Gose Here contest will kick off every Friday, starting April 21st with a Pineapple Gose.

The following week’s styles are as follows: April 28th, Prickly Pear Gose; May 5th, Basil Mandarin Gose; May 12th. Tart Apple Gose, and May 19th, Pomegranate Gose

If you love that salty lime flavor, head to Big Choice and get your Gose on!

Demolition Inside Future Brewery Underway



Update 4.21: Andrea decided to forgo her CrossFit classes and instead jack-hammered her way through the remaining concrete where the smaller tanks are going to go.

Update 4.18: We finished ripping up all the old flooring downstairs in the future brewhouse space, are ready to level it, and bring in the concrete! We’re keeping the majority of the old flooring upstairs, with a bit of finish, to preserve the history of the temple in our future taproom space.


We’re very stoked to get our construction permits approved, which means we can now start the renovations and build-out of the new brewery space.

Yesterday, Nathaniel and Andrea started demoing the basement wall (don’t worry, it wasn’t holding anything up) that will allow us to move our new tanks into the brewhouse. They also spent four hours pulling up the old wooden floor planks in the basement to make way for a new concrete floor.

After this is done we’ll be able to get the plumbers in there to work on the drainage for the brewhouse, and then move on to building out the bathrooms upstairs, and the awesome new bar-tops that will have three times the seating as we do now, in addition to farmhouse style tables around the bar, and high-tops to enjoy that awesome mountain view.


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